Think Progress Distorts No Climate Tax Pledge

The Think Progress blog of the George Soros and Herb and Marion Sandler-funded Center for American Progress (we mention this only because of their apparent belief that non-profits should be judged by their donors) has completely missed the point of the No Climate Tax pledge. In a recent post, Think Progress claims that candidates’ opposition to cap-and-trade energy taxes—and specifically signing AFP’s No Climate Tax pledge—is evidence that they doubt the science behind global warming.

However, our pledge has nothing to do with science. We very specifically wrote our pledge to deal with taxes and growth in government. The text of our pledge asks lawmakers to “oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.” What does that have to do with science?

The real issue is that many politicians and left-wing interest groups want to use global warming fears to grow government. That is their solution to everything. AFP has repeatedly assured pledge signers that if someone offers a bill that taxes greenhouse gases and reduces other taxes (real taxes cuts, not refundable credits) by a corresponding amount, we would not oppose the bill on that basis.

Using the issue of global warming as a pretext and a shield to pass one of the largest tax increases in history is unacceptable. Period. AFP will continue to work diligently to oppose any such effort, as will the hundreds of No Climate Tax pledge signers on all levels of government.

Why can’t Think Progress approach this issue with intellectual honesty, instead of distorting our sincere efforts to fight government growth as some sort of scientific position?