ThinkProgress Remains Willfully Ignorant about No Climate Tax Pledge

For some odd reason the Center for American Progress’s ThinkProgress blog remains unable to grasp the simple concept behind the No Climate Tax pledge. It has nothing to do with science; it has nothing to do with supporting clean energy; the pledge is about the size of government.

In a recent wild rant, ThinkProgress conspiracy blogger Lee Fang writes:

“One Koch front, the ‘No Climate Tax Pledge,’ has successfully manipulated the Republican primary process by demanding that Republicans sign a pledge against supporting clean energy solutions. This pernicious political ploy, along with millions in Koch campaign donations, has resulted in the majority of the Republican caucus now doubting the science underpinning climate change.”

Maybe Lee hasn’t read the pledge. It simply states lawmakers oppose using the climate issue to grow government. If a bill is offered that will price carbon, establish a cap-and-trade energy tax or anything else designed as a solution to global warming it will not violate the pledge if it is revenue neutral. This will be determined by CBO’s score of the bill.

Numerous pledge signers have explicitly stated that they are not against climate legislation, but they are against using the issue as a fear tactic and guise to transfer huge sums of money from the productive private sector to the wasteful and bureaucratic public sector.

What’s more, AFP doesn’t “demand” that anyone sign anything. All candidates and incumbent lawmakers are approached equally and offered an opportunity to take a position on this important issue.

It is unfortunate that ThinkProgress is either incapable of grasping such a simple pledge or is being willfully ignorant about its meaning.

Thankfully, over 500 current lawmakers on all levels of government have not only grasped the concept but embraced stripping organizations like Center for American Progress of their ability to use the climate issue to grow government.