LA Times Confused by No Climate Tax Pledge

The Los Angeles Times recently published a story where they discussed the No Climate Tax pledge twice. Unfortunately, both times they distort the pledge and seem incapable of separating tax hikes from climate policy. Not an uncommon affliction on the Left. In the... read more

Pledge Signers Sweep into Office

Americans for Prosperity Congratulates 165 Climate Tax Pledge Signers on Election Victory – 112th Congress Freshman Class Pledges to Oppose Cap-and-Trade – Washington, DC—The free market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today applauded 165... read more

Concord Monitor: Ayotte Signs the Pledge

As it appeared in the Concord Monitor’s Campaign 2010 Blog: [Ayotte] signed a “No Climate Tax” pledge put out by the group Americans for Prosperity committing to “oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in... read more

League of Conservation Voters Distorts No Climate Tax Pledge

The League of Conservation Voters has joined other Leftist organizations by distorting Americans for Prosperity’s No Climate Tax pledge. The League is running political attack ads in Nevada claiming that candidate Joe Heck is against “clean energy jobs” because he... read more

Idaho Reporter: Simpson challenger Schad signs pledge

Brian Schad, an independent challenging Republican Rep. Mike Simpson in this November’s congressional election, issued the following news release on signing the “No Climate Tax” pledge from the group Americans for Prosperity. Schad joins state Rep. Raul Labrador,... read more

Think Progress Distorts No Climate Tax Pledge

The Think Progress blog of the George Soros and Herb and Marion Sandler-funded Center for American Progress (we mention this only because of their apparent belief that non-profits should be judged by their donors) has completely missed the point of the No Climate Tax... read more